John Richardson Gardens   Garden Design and Construction
Bench, fire pit and deck.  Garden scene. Bench, fire pit and deck.
Mass planted Aristidia Grasses on the street.  Garden Scene. Coral Tree, Rocks and Grasses for Modern Verge planting.
Sometime later..... veggie nirvana outside the back door!  Garden scene. Herb and Vegetable Garden with Raised Beds
  Garden scene. Modern Garden Pavilion, Stone Bowls and Grassy Daybed.
  Garden scene. New Garden with Raised Beds, Tree Ferns and Dog!
  Garden scene. Rock Wall and Planted Stone Chip
  Plant portrait. Erica cerinthoides
Micranthus alopecuroudes  Plant portrait. Micranthus sp.
  Plant portrait. Yellow Pin-Cushion against a clear blue sky.
  Water feature. Modern Wier and Rill

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