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 Al te Bly, [always happy]
“We have lived here for thirty years”.....
  Arderne Gardens. Exotic Suburbia
It’s Saturday afternoon sometime in May 2011 and a cameraman in top hat and tails is pacing anxiously at a pair of palisade steel gates....
 Brandwacht aan rivier
Danie Steenkamp’s enthusiasm for his garden is infectious. Not even what could arguably be the wettest, glummest day of the year could......
  Cavalli Stud Farm
Located just off the R 27 highway outside Stellenbosch, Cavalli Stud Farm sits atop a gentle rise like a prized jewel in the palm of the Helderberg Mountain Range.....
 Earth Artistry
There is something a little different about Jenny .Now don't get me wrong, I don’t mean in a bad way. More like in an - I-eat-lots-of-weeds - kind of way. And it's true, she does....I,ve seen it and now I'm going to tell you about it.
  Magic Maynardville
Ask anyone in Cape Town's central southern suburbs what Maynardville Park means to them and you're bound to get a range of equally enthusiastic but completely different responses.
  Professor Robert Harold Compton
In 1921 the director of Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Professor Robert Harold Compton, endeavoured to create a second botanical collection in the Karoo.
  Side gardens
This article looks at side gardens, the typically narrow route for wheelie bins, drains and other un-glamorous things one usually finds between the back garden and front yard.
  The Garden at Babylonstoren
I zoom in and wait while Google Earth brings the N1 into focus. At exit 47 I follow the Klapmuts Road to the right, across the four-way stop, over the railway bridge and at the first road left, hit the ruler option and trace out exactly six kilometer
  The Road to Shangri-la (Harold Porter National Botanical Garden)
Shangri-la, meaning 'earthly paradise' - a permanently happy land - was the name that Harold Porter gave to his visionary garden in Betty's bay....
 Vergelegen Wine Estate
Situated in Somerset West at the foothills of the Hottentots Holland mountain range, Vergelegen Wine Estate has roots that run deep into the bedrock of South African history....
  Where have all the flowers gone?
If you’re looking for something to do on the third weekend of September, why not take a slow drive up to Darling, where the residents of this charming West Coast town will be hosting their annual Wild Flower show for an incredible 95th time.

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